The Boston Paper Hat Air Marching Band

This is an open call for people interested in participating in Boston’s first (and perhaps the world’s only) air marching band. Unlike a rabble, the Boston Paper Hat Air Marching Band (BPHAMB – pronounced b-fam) will be a credit to the community and its members.

The first BPHAMB event will take place on Saturday, April 19th (Patriot’s Day) at 1:00PM on the Boston Common near the corner of Beacon and Cambridge Street. The event will begin with general aimless milling around, followed uniform craft time (paper hats for everyone!), instrument selection and finally a VERY brief rehearsal.

The proposed route will take the band over Beacon Hill, across Government Center and into Faneuil Hall for drinks and other refreshments.

Please let us know if you are interesting in attending this inaugural march. Send us an <a href=”email and please note if you are interested in helping to promote, enlist, fold or fabricate our mobile sound system.

This has the opportunity to be totally KICK ASS so grab a friend, a sheet of newspaper, a bring your marchingest attitude down to the Common on the 19th.


4 thoughts on “The Boston Paper Hat Air Marching Band

  1. @Dave Evans – What time is the Charlestown Parade? Perhaps that ought to be factored into the plan?

    @Kelly – Awesome – I’ll stop by your site later today to connect.

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