Social Media and the Economy

I’ve been asked to get a sense of how the world of social media is feeling about the economy and the potential for a recession. If anyone has thoughts they’d be willing to share of a sense from their own travels and observations I’d appreciate it very much. You can email me or leave comments here.


3 thoughts on “Social Media and the Economy

  1. I don’t really follow the news of the recession too much. Thinking about it kind of makes me feel fearful. I would think America should be able to avoid a recession. Right now I’m just annoyed that it’s slowly happening. Every week my interest rates go down, and every day job outlooks are going down. I don’t really understand how spending more will help in the long run, because people will just be more in debt. Eventually the time will come for each person where they want to focus on getting rid of debt rather than spending on a whim. That’s the phase I’m in right now.

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