I’m a Proud Member of Generation V

So a colleague sent me this article from Computerworld last night – finally, I have a label!  I am part of the Virtual Generation – and I am with pride.  Here’s how Gartner describes GenV in the article:

Generation Virtual, or V, is made up of people from multiple age groups who make social connections online — through virtual worlds, in video games, as bloggers, in social networks or through posting and reading user-generated content at e-commerce sites such as Amazon.com, said Adam Sarner, senior analyst at Gartner.

Forget Generations X and Y: Here comes Generation V

I spend WAY more time active and interacting in virtual communities and relationships that I do the physical world (OK, so that might be an exaggeration – but I do a lot online). And I do these things through a number of persona that have developed for different purposes.

So here’s my life as a 41 year old member of GenV:

    I have three blogs that I update regularly – two of them every day.  Only this one is by me the person.  The others are written as persona – and one of those was a splinter from the first . . .

    There is an online relationship with a fan of one of my blogs.  I’m very open about this.  My wife knows, friends know, she knows I’m married – we all know the terms and it’s all good.  Our relationship is built around collaborating on what is frankly pretty much pure filth smut.  The stories are a lot of fun and have resulted in a very popular blog (and no, I am not telling anyone where to find it).

    I have three Facebook profile that I am on every day.  One is me, the other two and tied to my other blogs and have distinct friends.

    I can’t even guess how many email accounts I have but there are four that I use on a daily basis.

    Flickr is my friend and though I’ve slowed down recently (I need to revise my photographic workflow) I visit the site every day.

    Twitter – and the network of friends and contacts there – has become a big part of my day.

(There’s more but I need to get moving – I have to bring my daughter to Spanish soon.)

When I read or hear people criticizing virtual contacts, communities, connections, relationships, etc. I always think that they’re the ones missing out.  Online communities and just as rich – if not richer – that their real world analogs.  They are populated by a far more diverse range of people and interests than you come across in the real world.  There’s only one GPC wandering around in physical space but there are several versions and variations of me active online.  And truly, I think that is a good thing.

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4 thoughts on “I’m a Proud Member of Generation V

  1. Hey Greg- although I know you cant believe it since I still have a WalkMan, I find myself in this category as well. And unlike most generations, since V is not defined by age, it’s refreshing because anyone can be in it – just by virtue of doing what they do.

  2. Viz says:

    Outside of work, I definitely interact more virtually with my friends, though a lot of them I hang out with physically in RL too. Just with time demands on everyone (and gas prices, some live 20+miles away) it’s a lot easier to log into computer and kibbitz.

    We can also hang out and drink beer without worrying about our blood/alcohol content levels 😀

    I game with them, just chat on Teamspeak etc. Some guys I talk to daily, who I don’t even game with, I’d see once a month or less if we only got together IRL.

    I also have a family so I feel better about being there more than being out at people’s houses. I have a lot of friends and most of us are hooked in.

    We do each other’s kid’s birthday parties together etc, and sometimes all get babysitters and just go out. It’s a great way to stay close and keep up with what’s going on with everyone.


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