Back from a well-deserved vacation

I spent the last week on vacation with my family. For the past four years we’ve gone to a camp up in New Hampshire. For most of the summer it’s a YMCA camp for kids; but at the end of August it’s open for families. The accommodations are rustic (no electricity, running water, glass, locks, etc.) but it’s right on Lake Winnipesaukee. Many of the families there have been coming for years and it’s a really relaxing break.

One thing that I notices this year was that LOTS of people wanted to talk about social media. They may not have called it that, but over several dinners, around campfires, sitting in cabins the topic of blogs or Flickr or podcasts kept coming up. I assume that everyone is as into/excited about this stuff as me but I usually have to remind myself that I work in PR and that social media is something that not everyone is paying attention to. This past week made me realize that maybe more people are.

It was great to see the interest and excitement (if not a good understanding) of this in such an unlikely setting.

vacation, social media, blogging

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