Bully for Buzzword

Back in March I saw Virtual Ubiquity present their Web-based word processor – Buzzword – at WebInno11. The demo really kicked ass and I wanted to get my hands on it. In early June I got my chance when I was invited into the beta program. I’ve fooled around with Buzzword on and off for a while and can say that while it’s clearly still beta I am very impressed and excited.

It’s a really polished looking product that has functionality beyond those of some existing commercial software. It’s formatting capabilities in particular need to be seen to be believed. I also really like the ability to share editing of documents with others – I had to test it on my own but it worked really well. At the moment, you can’t spell check (which I depend on) or save documents locally (which, like spell, will be available).

Check out what some others are saying about Buzzword:

2.0 – Rich Internet Experience
Venture Beat

Given that this is relatively early-stage software, it is a very strong effort and one that I’ll be using more and more as additional features come online.

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