Photowalk wrap

Last Thursday’s photowalk sure was a lot of fun. Ten of us met on the Esplanade and hung around there for a while. We headed into the Back Bay and headed down toward the Public Garden alternating between Marlborough Street, the public alleys and Comm Ave. The chimneys and chimney pots were something that caught my attention. I went to college at Emerson back in the 80s and spent a lot of time in the area but never notice the chimneys. Here are a couple of the ones I liked:

Back Bay Chimney

Back Bay Chimney

Back Bay Chimney

We ran across a group of people at the First and Second Church (at Marlborough and Berkeley) discussing a kid’s book one of them had recently published. I took a few shots in the area but nothing special.

The two Hancock buildings looked great that evening and I did take a couple of pictures of each:

Old Hancock

Hancock Tower

The Public Garden is always pretty nice. I’ve wanted a shot of the ether statue for a while and was able to grab one:

Ether Statue

After the Garden we headed down Charles Street and over the top of Beacon Hill. There were a few nice things to see up there. Here’s one I like of a utility symbol mural on Revere Street:

street symbols

We refreshed at Kinsale and went our separate ways. I still had to walk over the river to get back to my car in Kendall Square. Crossing the Longfellow Bridge, I stopped a few times to take shots of traffic passing. Here are a couple:

Red Lines - Longfellow Bridge

bent light Storrow Drive

All in all, it was a pretty fun night. I got some good pictures and am looking forward to seeing everyone else’s shots soon.

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4 thoughts on “Photowalk wrap

  1. John Johansen says:

    I saw the pictures at Flikr. I have to say that Boston is a much nicer looking city when you aren’t staring at it through your windshield. I’ll have to try and do a walk like this on my own sometime this summer.

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