A couple of things this week

I’m having a hectic, harried but good time this week. Much of it is simply the natural ebb and flow of work but there are a couple of things happening that I’m looking forward to.

Tomorrow night I’m going to speaking on a panel for the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce on Web Marketing and Social Media for Small Businesses. That’s going to be with Scott Smigler of Exclusive Concepts and Matt Malloy of ZipCar. It’s happening at 5:30 at 38 Cameron Ave in Cambridge.

The next night I’m going to be on a Social Media Club panel on Making the Business Case for Social Media. That’s going to be with Aaron Strout of Shared Insights, Katie Payne of KDPayne and Partners and Andrew Bernstein of TNS Media Intelligence/Cymfony. It’s happening at 6:00 at the Watertown Public Library.

Perhaps you will be able to be there . . .

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One thought on “A couple of things this week

  1. Hi Greg,
    Just a wonderful evening last night. I found your presentation to be engaging and informative. You worked synergistically with your panelists, Scott and Matt. Thank you!

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