Confounded by Goombah – almost

I’m sure glad that I’m able to figure things out.

Back in the winter I saw Goombah at a WebInno event here in Boston. They offer a service to help you find new music by comparing your iTunes library with those of other people. The assumption is that if you have X musical taste in common you may like Y music that they have but you don’t. I can’t disagree with the logic here and I have found some new music using the service.

My favorite feature though is the free music available through Goombah. This isn’t illegal music but a few tracks by different artists to generate interest. The free music covers a lot of ground and new tracks are added every Friday.

Today I got an email from Goombah – a “Summer Music Roundup” – listing a bunch of new tracks. I downloaded one but it didn’t work. It did AFTER I found the file renamed it and changed the extension. Not something I expected to have to do.

I also – in reading the FAQ – learned that Goombah uses BitTorrent for some of its file transfers. That’s cool, but for me at least BitTorrent is NSFW. I ran into trouble using it the other day and almost lost the privilege of using my Mac at work.

For what might be seen as griping, I have to say, Goombah is a great service and I’m glad to be using it – just a couple of little oddities today is all.

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2 thoughts on “Confounded by Goombah – almost

  1. I’m glad to hear you are trying Goombah. What track were you having difficulty with? I’ll take a look at it and see if I can fix it. The files should be saved with an mp3 extension. What browser are you using? Thanks.

    Goombah Support

  2. Greg,

    Have you ever looked at “FineTune”. This is a similar site which has incorporated a social network aspect (by becoming fans, adding friends, creating playlists etc…). This is an amazing way to find music and meet people with similar tastes.

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