The Same All Over The World

I can’t stand the how much the differences between people are emphasized; and how those differences are used to fuel hate and jealousy and hurt and hardship.

If you think about it, the world we share right now was once just an empty void in the vacuum of space. Somehow (and frankly, the specific how isn’t that important) all of us now here, and all who came before and all who will come after share a common origin. And all of us will share the common fate of someday not being here.

Thinking about this made me wonder if there isn’t a way that people can start of share some of the things that make us all the same rather than the things that make us different. I’m a huge fan of Flickr and am often struck, as I look through people’s photographs, by how wonderful we are and how much we have in common. This led me to start a group in Flickr called The Same All Over The World.

Bert Kommerij, whom I met through Flickr, posted on the idea yesterday and it prompted me to try to get more people more involved.

The idea is to collect photographs of people which share some common elements:

– Wearing an outfit that is special/meaningful to them
– Seated outdoors in daylight
– In their “natural environment”
– Looking directly at the camera and smiling
– Holding a stone or a pebble (?)
– Tagged with TSAW

What do people think? Can we use social media to do more than create and participate in narrow communities around specific ideas and interests? Feel free to visit the group (there are no photos yet), sign up and share your thoughts on how this idea might be executed. If you’re not on Flickr share ideas here.

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