For some reason, for a long time, I kept my various social media channels separate. I used Flickr for photos but didn’t really check out the blogs of people I know through Flickr. I read plenty of blogs but don’t check to see if the bloggers are also on Flickr or del.icio.us, etc. I’m trying to get better about this and here’s why.

On Saturday night (or Sunday morning) I was on Flickr and came across DoddieboBottie’s photos. I really really liked them and decided that the thing to do would be to write a post about them on my other blog. So I did. And the next morning I had an email from Dottie saying she’d read the post and thanking me.

Last night I saw that Alice Robison, one of the panelists on the fourth plenary session at MiT5 had posted something in response to my summary of the event. She had links to Flickr and del.icio.us and I went off to check them out.

For most people, this probably isn’t a big deal; but for me, for whatever reason, I’d been doing siloed social media and now I’ve decided to stop.

[tags]social media, silos, Flickr, del.icio.us, DoddieboBottie, Dottie Guy, Alice Robison, cha-cha-cha-change[/tags]


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