Wherever does the time go?

It has been weeks since I last posted; but it’s not for lack of things to write about. In fact, these past few weeks have been almost overwhelmingly interesting ones. What’s happened is that I’ve ended up with so much content that sorting through it to make it intelligible has taken time – too much time. I’ve also had some other writing that’s been demanding my attention – and a brief vacation that I’d foolishly hoped to use to catch up on things.

Excuses aside, let me say that I had the good fortune to attend the Media in Transition Conference at MIT at the very end of April, the H2.0 Conference (on human enhancement and augmentation) at MIT this month and the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce awards dinner last week. These were three very different events but all interesting in their own right. Rather than trying to summarize each in this short post, I’ll be posting separately on each (and in the case of MiT5, several posts).

My apologies for the hiatus and my promise to share some of the interesting content I’ve come across over the past few weeks.

[tags]MIT, Media in Transition, MiT5, H2.0, Media Lab, GBCC, Boston, Chamber, Commerce[/tags]


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