Apples and Lemons

Yesterday I was saying that my MacBook Pro was crashing regularly since I got it back from Apple from an extended repair session. I tried giving all involved – Apple, my system and me – the benefit of the doubt. I just can’t.

My system has crashed three times today. That’s a total of nine witnessed crashes since Friday. On top of that I’ve come across it powered down a number of times.

So I called Apple again today. After resetting the power management and flashing the p-RAM, the system crashed again while I was still on the phone. They determined that my system was a “looper” and that it needed to be replaced.

The downside to this is that I will need to figure out a way to backup my system, find all of the various disk, and cables and manuals that came with it, that I’m going to once again be without a computer for the better part of a week, etc.

The upside is that I get a new system that’s faster (and hopefully more reliable) than what I have now. I guess it’s a reasonable trade off but I’d be happier if everything just worked as expected.

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