All’s well that ends well – I guess . . .

So both the botched TV purchase AND the missing Apple were resolved on Friday. My wife was able to return the TV for a full refund. That morning, I got an email from Apple saying that the repairs were complete and that my system was ready to be sent. Given that this email was send at 9:00 on Friday morning I figured it would be here on Monday or Tuesday.

I was pretty surprised when I found a DHL delivery slip on my door saying that they’d tried to deliver the system at 11:00. I called DHL and they said they’d be able to bring it by in the afternoon – which they did. Although I was meant to be getting ready for a party on Saturday, I couldn’t resist setting it up.

It turned out that they replaced one fan, the screen and the screen casing. The screen had been the item they’d been waiting for. I took it out and booted it up and within seconds it shut down. All by itself. I booted it again and pretty quickly it shut down again. I wasn’t real happy. It was happening when I was trying to move big files off of a portable drive – applications were crashing and so I gave the system the benefit of the doubt.

On Saturday though it crashed two more times while my brother was just surfing. That was kind of a bummer. It ran like a top all day on Sunday but now this morning, here at work, the system crashed two more times. I REALLY don’t want to send it back but will if I have to; and if it keeps crashing I won’t have a choice.

It would be very irritating for it to have been at Apple for two weeks and to have been sent back to me in less than tip-top shape. I sure hope that’s not case but I guess I should be prepared for bad news.

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