Lacking my Mac

What really sucks about having to send my system in for repair is how disruptive it is in little ways. I have an old iBook so I am not without a personal system; and I just moved all of my content to a little 60Gb Western Digital hard drive so I still have that as well.

Here’s what I don’t have:

My usual screen. The iBook is just a 12″ and the screen fills fast.

My bookmarks. Even though I use, it’s still a pain not to navigate my favorites the way I usually do.

One button mouse. I’ve grown used to the two-finger capability of my MBP and don’t like having to use key combos.

My flava. I don’t know, nothing is really THAT different but nothing really feels quite the same. I used this system happily for ages but it isn’t what I’ve gotten used to; and getting used to it distracts me from what I am trying to do.

Hopefully my system will be back in my hands on Friday but until it is, I am going to be a whiny baby.

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