Mac heading back . . . again

All I can say is that I’m sooo glad I bought Apple Care. I’ve had my MacBook Pro for just under a year (4/8) and this will be the third time I’ve had to send it in and the fourth time it’s needed work.

The first time was my fault – the system fell (in its bad) and the optical drive stopped working. The second time, the system would simply shut down all on its own. Then it was the battery. Now, there is a loud whirring/clicking sound coming from the upper left hand corner (near where the power supply connects. It’s loud enough that the tech was able to hear it over the phone when I called Apple yesterday.

When they repaired the shut-down problem, they replaced the logic board. I’m kind of worried that they are going to do the same again. The only reason I worry is that this will be the third board in this computer this year and it makes me wonder about the board design. Mine wasn’t one of the first generation systems but it was certainly an early one.

While I absolutely love my Mac I don’t like the idea of it needing to be services this often. Even if you ignore the system falling and the battery replacement, it’s still two repairs in under a year. That feels like maybe one or two too many to me.

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2 thoughts on “Mac heading back . . . again

  1. gpc says:

    Yeah, I had a certain amount of buyer’s remorse when the introduced a new, faster chip for the same price just a couple of weeks after I bought it . . .

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