Really getting a kick out of SpotStory

SpotStory was a “side dish” at a WebInno event earlier this year. Their idea is to create a place for people to share and collect and comment on points of interest. It made me think of geocaching meets Flickr meets social networking – and all three are things that I enjoy.

Until this past weekend the site was in beta. I think I made one or two contributions but didn’t fool around with it much. I logged in on the past Monday to find that they’d taken off the wraps. Since then, I’ve been playing with the site regularly. I’ve added Spots from all over the place. The other day I posted a picture of the Picasso sculpture below of Flickr and someone posted that the same statue stands in Amsterdam – another Spot! And a tour!

Picasso @ MIT

Today I went through my photos of public art on the MIT campus. That netted out to more Spots and another tour. I’ve also had people post details on places I’ve seen and wondered about. Now as much as I like SpotStory, I’m not quite clear on the business aspect of the site and that may mean this is a short-lived service. But as long as it’s here, I’m happy to be an active part of the community.

If you’re into history, art and stories attached to specific places, I suggest you get on and check it out.

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