Save today’s InfoWorld . . .

. . . it’s the first of many lasts:

The news hit the internet this morning: as of next month, InfoWorld will no longer be distributed in a print edition. To take maximum advantage of the opportunities for our business going forward, and remove the distraction of maintaining and fretting over a costly, nearly obsolete distribution channel, we will discontinue printing and mailing a magazine. As of April, the InfoWorld brand exists online and in events.

InfoWorld IT Exec-Connect

More and more publications are going to realize that for some audiences (high tech being just about at the top of the list) this makes much more sense.  I’ve spoken to editors at a handful of IDG books over the past several months and most have talked about well the online properties are doing in terms of revenue compared with print.  It just makes sense.  So save this weeks copy.  Not because it’s the last print issue of InfoWorld, but because it represents one of the first publications to take the plunge.

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