I need to move my father to a Mac . . .

Last year, after I got my MacBook Pro, I gave my dad my XP machine.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  His computer was older, running on fumes, and a source of constant headaches.  The one I was giving him was a little long in the tooth as well, but I’d maintained it, upgraded it and completely cleaned and tuned it before I handed it over.  I’d had it for a couple of years and it served me well without any major problems.

For the past several weeks months, I’ve been getting calls from my dad asking for help.  What had been a stable and well-performing system for me had become a digital can of worms for him.  This is partly due to the way he uses the thing – he’s never met an application he didn’t like and subsequently his system is packed to the gills with anything you could imagine.  Does he need half of it?  Absolutely not.  Does it enhance his experience?  What do you think?

This morning he called me because his USB hubs weren’t working.  (He called me about this last night as well and we thought we’d figured it out.)  He thought that maybe it was the Bios and so started monkeying with his settings.  After 20 minutes, the system still wasn’t running.

In the year that I’ve had the MacBook I can’t say that I haven’t had any problems.  It fell at one point and the optical drive was damaged (Apple fixed it gratis) and the battery needed to be replaced (also taken care of at no cost).  I haven’t had any problems though with adding hardware of software or running/managing/administering the system at all; and that’s just the way I like it.

There was an interesting article in Wired News today about the changing perceptions of the Mac that I read with interest in my role as the remote support staff for my father:

In Computerworld, consultant Seth Weintraub recommends Macs for the enterprise because they’re easy to learn, easy to administer and not as prone to viruses and other nasties. Weintraub says IT managers who bought Macs for home use are increasingly looking to deploy them at work.

Wired News: Apple of Our Eye: Macs Save Money

He says he’s thinking about getting one.  I only hope it happens soon . . .

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