kill the watercooler @ new communications forum

Nova Newcomer – What’s happening with the water cooler?

Maybe I missed something (and I will confess that I ran to get a coke at the beginning of this session), but I didn’t find this one to be as on target as the other sessions I’ve attended. Much of it seemed focused on their product, ChatterMill.

There was lots of talk on how to answer employee questions posted through the system; and this seemed more like good general advice than anything to do with social media.

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2 thoughts on “kill the watercooler @ new communications forum

  1. Thanks for posting about the session. I appreciate the feedback. I regretted that I didn’t have more time to show more about the tool’s functionality and what it can do, but the audience seemed to want to ask more questions about how to deal with questions, so I went with where the energy of the room seemed to be going. For future reference, where would you have preferred the discussion to have gone?

  2. gpc says:

    Hi Nova –

    I’m not sure if more time showing the product would have addressed the issue for me. What you described seemed clear and of value to an organization. What I didn’t get was how it played into the idea of social media. Using my somewhat clouded memory, I seem to recall that this was a platform to allow people to pose questions and for management to provide answers. (Obviously there were more bells and whistles than that.) It didn’t strike me as being designed to encourage an open, active, honest and ongoing conversation between people – and that was the point that was missing for me in the context of the forum.

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