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JD Lasica on grassroots video. (All of the links that he’s talking about are at

In the past, all we could do to control TV was to turn it off. Now there are options, now we are all creators of media and content instead of just being passive consumers.

In the past, big media controlled everything – the creation, distribution, the content, everything. That’s changed and now we all have the tools and ability to create video content. Today 60% of Internet traffic is video – and it isn’t just reused TV content; it’s content all of us are creating.

We also have a ton of ways to host and share our content – ourmedia, blip, youtube, revver, yahoo and hundreds more. Here’s his thing about YouTube – things don’t need to start and end there – it isn’t ours, it’s partly ours: you can’t download the video, they don’t want you to watch the video in the original format and you can’t use creative commons on the site. There are also only limited ways to create communities on the site. All of this said, he likes the site.

There is so much happening – vcast and vblogs, real narratives, citizen journalism, mashups, etc. You may need to poke around to find the kinds of things you want – and some sites are going to be more tuned into one type of video or another.

Thanks to portability and improved compression technology, video online is finally watchable – which is why the revolution if finally happening.

JD showed the JetBlue CEO mea culpa, which led to a good debate as to how effective the video was. Some people felt that even though the clip seemed under produced it had been managed and edited and was contrived. Some felt that it was a fast and effective response to the situation. Most people thought that it was a positive approach.

What worked is that it was authentic – and that’s the key to using video effectively in situations like the one faced by JetBlue.

There were lots of great examples of how mashups are being done for a wide range of uses – personal, corporate, entertainment, etc. People and organizations are going to become aggregations and trusted sources for video content.

Ourmedia has created a learning center to help people get started and to give them content and advice. All in all, an exciting and inspiring presentation and discussion.

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