David Strom on RSS @ Newcomms Forum

Strom started by asking if we aren’t blogging to close the lids. I get to keep the lid open.

Why RSS? We’re really talking about push technology cleaned up for the new millennium.

When and why does RSS help?

  • Are you constantly hitting refresh?
  • Sending out blanket emails
  • Looking for early news?

RSS lets you:

  • Parse info fast
  • preserves the serendipity of reading traditional news
  • Enjoy a guilty pleasure AND a professional tool!
  • Be the first in your office to send to send info out to your colleagues

But . . .

  • There are downsides:
  • Just another thing to deal with
  • Some content isn’t RSS enabled
  • Feeds can break
  • We’re still living in an email centric world
  • It isn’t a two-way medium like IMs or conversational blogs

The fact that it isn’t two way makes it a bit ironic given the nature of the event.

That said, how can PR people use this:

  • Get releases out over RSS
  • Use it to monitor your client
  • Subscribe to journalist and PR blogs

There were some people that felt that RSS does provide interactivity by linking to sites where one can interact. Dave agreed but pointed out that the interactivity wasn;t provided by RSS itself.

Now back to the program . . .

Dave’s saying that Wikis are going to die – not because they aren’t useful but because the tools just suck. There are a growing number of managed Wiki services – WetPaint, confluence, etc. that are a good starting point.

So how do you use this thing?

  • First, there’s a URL for the feed – pretty straight forward.
  • Then, you need to be able to read the stuff.
  • Finally you need to be able to create it

He made it look as simple as it actually is.

Another way to work with feeds in Bloglines – the best, he thinks, for managing your feeds.

There were a surprising number of questions on how RSS works. It was pretty interesting that people had the number and type of questions that they did and it pointed out the need for basic training on the elements of social media.

Strom was also the most animated and entertaining presenter of the day which was great given that he had the last session of the day.

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