retailers’ double standard

Twice in the past few months I’ve been told off for taking pictures in stores. The first time was in Crate and Barrel and today it was in Home Depot. Despite being told that it was not OK, I took pictures in both places.

Here’s what kind of bothers me. Home Depot has a sign when you come in saying that there are no cameras allowed. Now I’ll be honest – I had never noticed these signs before today when I was told, “no pictures!” But here’s the thing, Home Depot has a cameras all over the store taking pictures of me and my family while I’m there.

The sign on the door doesn’t specify “No CUSTOMER cameras”, it simply says, ‘No cameras.” Since the store blatantly disregards its stated policy, why should customers be expected to comply?

I think that it is interesting that retailers somehow think it’s acceptable to record, save, review and analyze me while prohibiting me from doing the same. I’m just ignoring these absurd policies. Maybe I’ll have a shirt made stating that photographing or making recorded images of me is prohibited. What gives corporations the right to set this kind of double standard?

Here’s a couple examples of the the “forbidden” images:


Negative Dots

leafy Y

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