Another view of transparency

Today I came across an interesting post on transparency in Social News at the Blog Herald. Derek van Vliet writes about transparency in a different way than I’d thought about it. He focuses on the role of transparency in accountability for comments and ratings.

The principle of transparency is regarded by many to be necessary in a successful democracy. Every day, people are demanding more transparency out of the media, business and government. Socially driven news sites are a step in that direction. They offer a level playing field where users come to edit news democratically. What role does transparency play in the users’ actions on these sites?

Transparency in Social News at The Blog Herald

He suggests that knowing who rates a story up or down would be helpful in creating greater accountability. Being able to see who responds in which ways to a given story could certainly decrease the amount of collusions on sites like Digg. More than seeing the names of people providing rating-like feedback, I want to see who they are and get a sense of what their agendas might be. This is why identity and transparency need to be closely linked.

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