Identity-aggregation service thinking

Last night I was up thinking at three something in the morning.  It probably sounds really dumb, but what I was thinking about was online identity again.  I was thinking about what the ideal solution to identity and reputation would look like; I was thinking about OpenID; I was thinking about profile-based communities and I was thinking about those annoying Web page previews that pop up if you hover over links.

I was thinking that there is probably a way to bring all of these things together to create something useful.  Let me spell this out – but understand that I am writing this with half-formed thoughts and a quickly disappearing glass of whiskey (or three).

I can imagine a centralized service that preserves all of my identity data – like MyOpenID or the other OpenID sites.  That’s all well and good – but it would be better if that site could also capture all of the reputation information associate with my identity, links to recent postings, the names used on different sites, data on the services I use most frequently, etc.  In addition to this centralized data, it would be cool to have a hover-over thumbnail of the identity data that could be seen wherever I was writing or posting.

For example, on Digg, where I use “gregpc”, hovering over my user name would bring up a synopsis of the data and a link to the full identity profile.  What would make this interesting is that it would be a combination of what I want to say about myself, what I have said publicly in various postings or forums and what others have to say about me.  Such a site would serve to aggregate all of the various information associated with my identity (or identities) in one place to make gaining an understanding of me easier.

I’ve started talking to people about how this might be accomplished and am excited about the possibility of linking and making available and accessible all of the various data in context-appropriate ways.  More on this soon.

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2 thoughts on “Identity-aggregation service thinking

  1. That is *exactly* what we tried to do with Opinity. Cardspace and Rapleaf and OpenID and Trufina could be an interesting combination. The centralized data should be distributed and encrypted, I don’t want my info in one company’s silo. Check out for the latest company to try an aggregate social net info.

    Then think about the advertising opportunities. Mind-boggling.

  2. gpc says:

    ProfileLinker is interesting – but I didn’t see a way for reputation to be attached to the profiles and I think that’s pretty critical in creating a persistent identity that could be profile-independent (or at least associated with multiple profiles).

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