My Neighbor’s crappy computer – can’t get the bad taste out of my mouth

I’m still thinking about the annoying time I had last night trying to help my neighbor. This is the system he was sold at CompUSA:

Presario sr2150nx Minitower, Intel Celeron D Processor 356, 3.33GHz, 512MB RAM, 120GB Hard Drive, 16X DVD+/-RW Drive, Windows Vista Home Basic

It meets the minimum system requirements recommended by Microsoft but man those have to be a joke. This thing has 512MB of memory – twice that wouldn’t be enough.

I was looking around to see if others were finding the same crappy performance that I noticed, did a search for “Vista Dog Slow” – and came across Sam Gentile’s blog on his experience. His experience was vastly different and in this (admittedly ) ranting post he talks up Vista over Mac OS and XP.

All I can say is that he wasn’t using the computer described above. I’d be ashamed to hand the keyboard of this thing to anyone and tell them that they were going to get the most out of Vista. People don’t care about the OS anymore. They want to be able to do the things they need to with their systems.

They’re also increasingly buying into the idea of digital music, entertainment, convergence, etc. Rather than encouraging or enabling this – underpowered systems like this are going to leave people with the same bitter taste in their mouths that I have.

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