Flock is mysteriously back

Flock is mysteriously back

For reasons that I don’t understand and can’t explain, Flock is once again working for me.  It wasn’t without effort though.  I tried removing and reinstalling a couple of times since it went south.  It would launch, but then within seconds would close.  I posted something to the Flock support forums on Friday but didn’t get any responses.

This morning I poked around a bit on my own and came across someone with a similar issue.  They were told to delete their profile so I tried it myself.  Then the system kept telling me that Flock was already running and to shut down that occurence before starting another.  Another round of uninstall, reinstall and restart and I was able to getting running off the disk image.  I finally managed to get it installed, remove the image and restart the system. 

Now I am seemingly back in business.  I’ve been using FireFox 2 for the past few weeks but am really glad to have Flock working again.  I think that the things I’ve missed the most are its intergration with Flickr (the various FireFox extensions just aren’t the same), the snippits and the ability to blog on content anywhere on the Web.  I had been using Performancing – which was great – but it all comes down to what you’re used to.

I do like the way FireFox has implemented their inline spell-check more that Flock but not enough to use one over the other.  It will be interesting to see if I miss anything else to the point that I decide to swtich back.  At the moment though I doubt it and am really glad to be able to use Flock again.

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