C’mon, sell me what’s next already

In 1998 we got broadband.  At the time it was through MediaOne/RoadRunner and it was pretty awesome.  It had just arrived in our town (Natick) and was way faster than anything we’d had before (56k).

A couple of years later MediaOne morphed into AT&T.  Soon, all of our communication migrated to them – our cell phones, cable, broadband, land line – the works; and it was all good.

A few years after that and AT&T sold to Comcast.  For some reason I could never get behind them.  Maybe it was their attitude toward multiple systems on the network or maybe it was the slow degradation of performance over time but by 2004 or so we decided to move on.

We went with DishNetworks for TV and Verizon for land line and DSL.  That was all cool.  Then Verizon offers FIOS in Natick.  It was only $5 more that DSL but way faster so how could we say no?  That’s been awesome.  Then a few weeks ago Verizon began to offer FIOS TV so we signed up for that too.

FIOS TV was installed yesterday.  The installer was a couple of hours late – and wasn’t real familiar with what he was doing (he admitted that this was the first TV only he’d done) – but by the time he left we were up and running.  (I had a few hours of work to do after he left to get things running the way I wanted but such is life.)

The difference between this and Dish is pretty dramatic.  The picture is much better and gone will be the days of no TV due to bad weather.  I also like the fact that we can share recordings with multiple set-top boxes – and that it is less than we were paying for Dish.

When I called Dish to cancel they tried to keep me – $10 off for the next several months, someone to come out and tune the dishes, etc.  No dice.  I was pissed to find out that we owned the dishes and that it we wanted them to come down it would cost $100.  I was also surprised to find out that we owned the tuners.  When I asked why we’d been paying a monthly fee for each tuner I was told that there was only a charge for the first two tuners – but that the DVR didn’t count and had a separate fee.  I don’t know, it sounded pretty crappy to me.

So in the past ten years we’ve gone from dial-up to cable modem to DSL to fiber; and from cable to satellite to fiber.  Pretty much every time we’ve changed the product and performance has improved and the price has gone down.  I like that combination a lot and can’t wait to see what they want to sell me next.

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