Society for New Communications Research

A few months ago I registered for a forum organized the the Society for New Communications Research.  As it happens, unexpected travel plans prevented me from attending – but not from starting a discussion with Jen McClure, the Society’s executive director.  Over the course of several conversations and email exchanges we talked about what the Society is doing and about a number of ideas that I find interesting.  Just before the Holiday’s Jen asked if I would be interested in joining the society as a research fellow and agreed.

I finally had the opportunity to meet Jen when I was in San Francisco earlier this week and I got to hear more details on a number of projects.  One that was especially interesting concerns the nature of the “new influencer” – who they are, how they work, who listens to them, etc.  My interest in this has to do with the role of identity and transparency in new communications and how these things impact influence.

Yesterday I spoke with John Cass, another research fellow at the Society, and we talked about these topics for a while.  It was helpful for me as I’m trying to formalize and get a handle on my thoughts on these issues.

I don’t have time this morning to write up some of the ideas that I’ve had but will be in the next few days.

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