A good step toward transparency

NEW YORK – A company that helps advertisers connect with bloggers willing to write about their products for payment will now require disclosures amid criticism and a regulatory threat.
Before this week, advertisers were barred by PayPerPost Inc. from telling bloggers they can’t disclose the sponsorship, but bloggers were able to decide on their own whether or not to do so. Under the new policy, bloggers must disclose that they are accepting payment, either in the write-up or in a general disclosure policy on the blogger’s Web journal.

Bloggers must disclose sponsored posts – Tech News & Reviews – MSNBC.com

Everyone (well most everyone with a brain) understands that social media is here, and that until something changes it’s going to be around for a while. One of the things that could change it/lessen its impact is if people begin to think that the whole thing is a scam. Sony tried to job the idea; but they got busted. A few people of Digg were messing with the system but changes were made to try to correct that too.

For me, the important things around social media are that it be as authentic and transparent as possible. The more it is perceived to be real and credible the more it will grow; and the more that it grows the more successful and effective it will become.
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