Sony – a threat to creativity

A lot of PR, advertising and marketing people are trying to figure out how social media effectively. I’d like to think that most people understand that if you want to be a part of a community you need to play by the rules. If you don’t, you will get caught and you will pay a price. Somehow that point was lost on Sony, whose blog got busted. was a marketing campaign fronted as an independent blog, whose authors supposedly had a friend (“Jeremy”) that wanted a PSP for Christmas.

Sony Screws Up

Now there have been plenty of planted blogs, and when they are done well, they tend to be forgiven (to a degree); but when they are both bad and a bad idea, well, then things just aren’t pretty. Sony managed to have both a bad idea and bad execution on its hands with this one and that’s too bad. They been dashing recklessly through a minefield of potential mishaps and have managed to step on pretty much all of them.

The bigger problem though is for all of the companies that are not Sony. Because Sony has screwed up again, any commercial use of social media is going to be scrutinized more carefully. There are already people that want to hold businesses and institutions (and the people who communicate for them) to a higher standard than the average user. That goes against the social media grain; but unless there is transparency for all, I can understand the intent. It’s one thing for a lone nut to pretend to be someone they’re not, it’s another thing for a multi-billion dollar company to use its resources to dupe people.

Unless and until the issues of identity and transparency are sorted out, communicating through social media is going to take greater care than Sony showed and some good ideas are going to have to stay on the shelf.

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