iPod battery replacement

I have a 15GB 3G iPod that I’ve had for a few years now.  A while ago my battery crapped out and I started getting less and less time until I was only able to use it when it was plugged in (which kind of defeated the purpose).  My unit was covered by the recent class action suit and I followed all the steps to get a replacement.  I got my brother (who bought it for me as a gift) to give me a copy of his credit card receipt, I filled out the various forms and affidavits, mailed everything in and then I waited.

I waited for a long time – months and months and months and months.  Every now and then I’d check online to see how things were progressing with a potential settlement and I kept on waiting.  Finally, details of the settlement were released and I was psyched – I’d be getting something from Apple!

Well, my happiness was premature.  I got a letter stating that my receipt didn’t specifically state that the listed Apple purchase, was, in fact an iPod.  The letter asked that I provide more corroboration or sign another affidavit.  I needed to find the receipt again and figured I’d get around it some time.  Months passed and I did nothing.  I started to think about replacing my iPod with a Shuffle and even tried to buy one (with out any luck).

I started to wonder how hard/how expensive it would be to replace my battery.  As it turned out it was cheap, easy and fast.  I bought a battery on laptopsforless ($23 with shipping), opened the iPod and swapped batteries in less than ten minutes and the device is none the worse for wear.

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