Is Michael Kinsley joking?

In a column entitled, “Like I Care,” Michael Kinsley vents on the “ego” aspect of the Web, social networking and blogging.  Does he not own a mirror?  Or perhaps he thinks that sharing thoughts and opinions should somehow be limited to an anointed few rather than to the many.  In either case, his column (which manages to use the word “solipsism” twice) is a sad attempt to belittle the shared thoughts, ideas, feelings and opinions of the millions of people participating in shared media.

The first person I knew who had a Web site of his own was a fellow Washington journalist. This was when many journalists were still just getting into e-mail, but the URL for this Web site quickly circulated around town and around the world. Why? Well, we were all impressed by the technological savvy. But we were absolutely astounded by the solipsism. What on earth had gotten into Joe (not his real name)? This was a modest, soft-spoken and self-effacing fellow, yet his Web site portrayed him as an egotistical monster.

Michael Kinsley – Like I Care –

Mr. Kinsley makes his living off of his ego, why is he troubled by those who, like him, wish to reach out and touch the world?

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