I miss love

Yesterday, Dave Evans, at Online Dating Insider, mentioned that I used to work with eHarmony; and it made me realize how much I miss the online dating world (professionally speaking).  I also traded notes with Lou Casale over at eHarmony about their new ads (I’m not a big fan) which only reinforced that feeling.

Online dating was a terrifically fun space to be involved with; it demonstrates how well online and offline can be blended to make real differences in people’s lives.  Some companies do it better than others.  eHarmony, especially with eHarmony Marriage, is doing a great job of using technology to help people sustain strong relationships.  Engage.com is also interesting in their use of Web 2.0 technologies to attempt to create a community of people seeking and supporting one another in establishing serious relationships.

There are plenty of others though that are as dull as the day is long.
Oh well, until I find a company to work with in this space, I’ll have to be satisfied with being on the sidelines . . .

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