Sticking with Flock

This week has seen the new version of IE7 come onto the scene, as well as Firefox 2.0. I’m not really interested in the new IE so I left that one alone but thought I’d check out Firefox. I installed RC 3 this morning and fooled around with it for a while but think that I’ll stick with Flock.

Because Flock is still the only browser that easily integrates the content that I most often use – words and images. I love the photo bar that can sit across your browser. I didn’t use it much at first, but over time I found myself growing to love it. Now it is always on so I can see when people post new images to Flickr. There are 15 o 16 people who’s stuff I like and having it as an essential element of my browser is nice.

The Web Snippets feature makes it easy to capture text or images from a Web site and incorporate them into other projects. For example, I just captured this text from a BBC article on Firefox 2:

Another change was a spell checker that keeps an eye on every bit of text typed in almost any Firefox browser box be it in a web-based e-mail program or an add-on that lets people post blog updates directly.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Firefox browser for web 2.0 age

It automatically formatted the text as a block quote and added a linked citation. I think that’s a pretty cool feature. And the same thing can be done with images:

Here I am writing this morning (the image is automatically linked to its source – in this case my Flickr account).

In the quote above from the BBC, it mentions an inline spell checker – a feature already available in Flock, as is the capability to simply highlight text, right click and select “blog now” to launch the integrated editor.
When I installed Flock in June or July, it was just to check it out. I already had Safari and Firefox and was using them happily. Over the course of a few weeks, I found that Flock had replaced Firefox as my second browser and very quickly it became the one I use every day. I’ll certainly give the new version of Firefox a shot but I don’t expect to be making a change any time soon.

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