Warmish Turkey

I just got back from vacation. We went up to a family camp in New Hampshire where we’ve gone for the past three years. It was terrific but it’s hard to quit technology. I’ve heard people talking about the liberation of no cell phone or email or 24 hour news, etc.; but it was something that I missed. I didn’t miss work, but technology is pretty central to my life – it is where I get most of my news, entertainment and maintain my connection with friends and family. The attitude that technology is an intrusive productivity tool is pretty passe if you ask me; and one probably held by people that have had technology thrust upon them rather than by people who seek it out.

For me, it was akin to not having books with me, or musical instruments. Technology isn’t a chore, it’s a choice.

My forced hiatus was not complete. I still had my Blackberry (but that is just my work email and eventually its battery died) and my cell (whose reception was poor and also ran out of juice). As a result, I was able to stay in some state of connection but it was very limited. I did use my Blackberry’s slow and clunky browser to check on Red Sox scores but that was too depressing last week to make the effort.

When I got home on Saturday night, the first thing I did after unpacking the car was to start my system. My nephew (who is living with us) was having some issues with his and we sat for a few hours troubleshooting and just goofing around. It felt great to be home.

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