The Stupidest Lawnmower Accident Ever

Like it or not, I have to mow my lawn every week. I really don’t like it. Yesterday I got up and decided to get it out of the way early. I was out there mowing away when I came to the kid’s swingset. They have a two-person swing and I drive right into it assuming it would go f to one side or the other. It didn’t. Instead, it got caught on the front of the mower and before I knew what was happening I was at a 45 degree angle. I stopped the blades and the engine and hopped off. The mower was just hanging there, the front three or four feet off the ground – suspended by a one inch dowel and two pieces of nylon rope.

It took a while to figure out how to get it down. The front of the thing has the engine so it’s pretty heavy and I didn’t want it to drop. The tension on the swing was pretty good and I didn’t want that to come swinging back and hitting me in the face. In the end, with the help of my nephew and his dad, I wedged a ladder under the mower and held it in place with a set of portable steps. They were able to life it while I unhooked the swing and then rested it on the ladder so I could back it down. It was one of the stupidest things I’ve seen.

There are more pictures in my Flickr account.

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