Mi$$ing my Mac

On Monday morning, my MacBookPro slid off the bed and onto the floor. It wasn’t a long fall – and it was in my bag (purchased through Apple) – but the very top of the bag isn’t very well padded and it landed pretty hard. I started it up and was happy to see it boot and all; but I started hearing some pretty grim sounds from the optical drive – like it was trying to eject some phantom disc again and again.I powered it down and went off to work. It did the same thing there. I slid a disc in and the noise stopped – a good thing I assumed. When I tried to eject though nothing happened. I finally ended up calling Apple and explaining what happened. Daniel, the support person I spoke with was helpful and by following his direction I learned that the system no longer saw the drive.

The one thing that he failed to mention was that because it was an accident it would not be covered by Apple Care.

The shipping box arrived at my house on Tuesday. I sent it in on Wednesday. Apple received it on Thursday – so far, so good. On Thursday afternoon I got an email telling me that “our diagnosis indicates there may be issues that are not covered by the warranty or a service contract” and asking that I call.

So I called. Their diagnosis revealed what I had told them on Monday. That my computer had fallen. “Didn’t they tell you on Monday that accidential damage isn’t covered by Apple Care?” Nope. To repair the computer will cost $630 ($655 after tax) – a substantial percentage of what I paid for it in the first place and more than twice the price of my Apple Care service plan. This information was conveyed during the course of a more than thirty mintue call punctuated by lengthy periods spend on hold.

I noticed that as the news got worse – and the hold times longer – I was no longer listening to Annie Lenox. Instead, I was listening to a no-nonsense woman’s voice repeating that I should “Please stay on the line, we will be with you shortly” in English and French. (As it happens, I was treated to this for almost 20 minutes – longer than the 5-7 minutes I’d been told to expect.)

I started writing this earlier today and was expecting to write about how happy and impressed I was by my experience but that isn’t going to happen. The reality is I need to get the computer fixed, but I might have had second thoughts had I known how much it was going to cost. And since I told the first tech right up front what had happened I kind of wish he’d returned the favor by being up front with me.

Instead, I don’t have my computer (and won’t for a while), am going to be out several hundred dollars and spent more than 50 minutes sitting on hold. I guess at least I learned some French . . .

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