Free .Mac = More Apple Sales?

Free .Mac for everyone. It’s the loss leader that will have people buying Macs like never before.

More Ideas Than Time

MoreIdeasThanTIme writes of the possible impact of Apple’s making.Mac a free service. I’m a happy Apple user but have never seen theneed to purchase a .Mac subscription. The fact is, there are more than enough free (and in many cases more robust) alternatives out there to satisfy the needs .Mac meets. email, photo sharing, web hosting, communities?

What’s going to get people to buy Macs like never before is already happening – they can now be totally adopted as the complete computing platform. Want to run OS X apps? – of course. Need to get onto a corporate VPN, run a Windows-only enterprise application or need Linux? – use virtualization. Want to run a graphics-intensive Windows-only application or game? – use Boot Camp.

What other platform makes this kind of flexibility so accessible to the average user? As more people appreciate all that Apple lets them do with a single box, more people will make the Mac theirs. .Mac for free may be nice icing on the cake but it’s hard to imagine its impact will be great.

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