Virtually Amazing

A few months ago, my used iBook started giving me some trouble. My wife and I had already discussed getting a new MacBook Pro for my 40th birthday and now I had a reason to get it early.

Let me say first of all that I absolutely love my MacBook. I’ve probably had 10 or 15 laptops over as many years and this is head and shoulders above any of them. It is a total pleasure and lots of fun to boot. When Apple announced Boot Camp, I installed it as soon as I could – it worked great. Then I came across Parallels and like it even more. Windows XP runs on it as fast as I need (too bad I won’t run 3D games . . .).

This weekend I decided I wanted to try ubuntu. I created another VM with Parallels and now have one laptop that for all practical purposes is three systems. It’s pretty cool.

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