I’ve tried blogging before – as myself and as any number of fictitious characters – and I’ve REALLY wanted to like it. Really I have. But it was a pain in the ass. I had to do this, that and the other thing and then one thing would lead to another and I’d lose steam or interest or both. Now I know that this isn’t hard. God knows you can tell just by looking at some of the stuff that is out there, so the answer is that I am just lazy and have a short attention span.

Yesterday though, I had the good fortune of reading Wade Roush’s Tech Coast blog and hearing about Flock. In his very first paragraph, he described exactly what bugged me about the whole social computing thing – “there are a lot of tools out there for creating, uploading, and sharing content — and many of them work quite well. But they’re a jumble, and you always lose time searching for the right one.”

Now, right from my browser, from where ever I am, I can start writing and post it straight away. And (being a terrible speller) I can spell-check with a right mouse click. Flock does plenty more (read Wade’s post for all the details) but for me, this is a huge boon. It’s good to see that someone is thinking about making social computing accessible.

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